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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Much To Learn In A Short Amount Of Time

A few weeks ago cortland held a mini conferencce for Physical Educators.  There were physical education teachers all throughout parkslope for almost the whole day.  Meeting, sharing, learning and moving together.  The atmosphere was definately positive and energetic.  Unfortunately, the day of the conferenceand the days prior I was sick and exhausted.  I made it to one of the last workshops.  I learned so much in just a 45 minute period.  I wonder how much more I would have learned if I were there earlier.  The woman who was leading the group showed us different ways to approach basic skills and strenthening excersises.  Different stations were set along a cirlce and we rotated with our group around to each station.  Traditional sit ups and push ups are good excercises and can be way more effective if approached the right way.  Making it fast moving and to the beat of music can really help motivate. Next year or the next conference, I hope to attend throughout the whole time.  There are many small details that can be learned about teaching and my major here, and its those that will help, make me the best Physical Educator I can be.

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