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Sunday, October 2, 2011

GAME: Fire On The Mountain

In a land far away there was a town at the foot of a great volcano.  A few times a year this volcano would spit fire down the slope of the mountain right towards the town.  The people would hear the shouts "fire on the mountain run run run!" and begin to run.  Every once in a while stopping on rocks where they were safe.  The safety rocks are all different sizes however so they must listen to the number that will be called telling them how many people can fit on a rock. (how many people to make a circle with).  \Example: "fire on the mountain run run run! fire on the mountain run run run! fire on the mountain run run run! gather in groups of 4!" The announcer is in the middle of the space and the children are running in the same direction around the center. when the number is called they will have 10 seconds to form a circle by holding hands with the correct amount of people. The ones who are left with no group, help the announcer count the groups.

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