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Sunday, October 30, 2011

GAME:making a spider web>Pre-K

This week at Saint Mary's, it will be halloween.  In the spirit of the holiday we all tried to relate our games and activities to a halloween theme as well as the focused skill of throwing.  I posted a blog of a good pre-school arts project, and here is a game that they will hopefully enjoy.  If time permits, start this game with the "itsy bitsy spider" song to set the scene.  Explain that we are going to be busy little spiders today and are going to make our very own beautiful spider web.  Form the children in a circle and have the adults around to assist.  one child will start with a ball of yarn and throw it to a classmate across from them.   This child will catch the yarn, hold on to a piece and throw to another person in the circle.  Keep this going until every child has thrown and caught the yarn, which will make a web like formation in the middle of the circle.  That can be the end of the game, or they can continue throwing the yarn across the circle, or they can even throw the yarn in the same pattern over and over, making the web lines thicker.  I hope they enjoy this game and at the same time practice the throwing movement.

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